Opening act

Opening Act lash extension adhesive bonds lashes up to 8 weeks. It’s medium-thin consistency and drying time makes Beginner Volume Lashing so much easier.

It’s perfect for classic lashing and for those that need a little extra time to create classic or volume sets. A great adhesive to work on wrapping when learning volume.

Opening Act has the best function and retention in higher humidity environments while reducing time spent on touch-ups. This adhesive works best in humidity between 55%-65% and temperature 65-75 degrees. For dry climates or during winter, a professional humidifier may be required.

  • Retention - 8 weeks
  • Viscosity - Medium
  • Color - Deep Black
  • Fumes- Minimal
  • Structure- Flexible
  • Drying Time(s)
    • 25-45% Humidity:  2-3 sec
    • 45-60% Humidity:  2 sec
    • 60% Humidity:  1 sec
  • Temperature 65-75

Available in 5ml, 10ml bottle

Use within 30 days after opening.

CAUTION: Glue is recommended only for advanced artists who isolate lashes perfectly and work very fast. For professional use only.

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