EVERLASTING VOLUME EX - Rapid Dry, Extended Bond

This no-fuss long-lasting adhesive bonds instantly and stands up to even the most difficult conditions. 

NO MORE  "bad day glue" !!! 

Its non-viscous consistency prevents fans from becoming saturated and is perfect for creating beautiful fluffy open volume and mega volume fans.  

Extended retention allows lashes to last up to 7 weeks. 

Rapid dry reduces application times by up to 30 minutes 

Key specs:   

  • drying time - <1 sec.
  • non-viscous
  • recommended for advanced and intermediate technicians
  • color is black - seamless finish 
  • suggested humidity up 40% - 70% 
  • suggested temperature up to 63-73 degrees. 
  • 3g,5g
  • medium fumes

    For professional use only. 
    Esthetician license required to use this glue.
    Shake vigorously for 1 min before each use. 

    Proper use instructions:

    • Adhesive can not touch skin at any time. 
    • Product can be used only on completely closed eyes through entire application. 
    • Use under eye gel patches or medical foam tape to minimize fumes
    • Be mindful that lash extension adhesive fumes may course allergy reaction to certain people.
    • Client Information consent form is required before first lash extension application.  
    • Patch test is required before using this product.
    • Patch test should be performed for all new clients and every time different adhesive is used for application. (different adhesives have different % of ingredients)
    • Be mindful that It is possible to develop sensitivity to adhesive with time. 
    • Read instruction on the back of the label before using. 

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