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LashboxLA UK Training

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At LashboxLA we believe in open-handed education, and operate our trainings first and foremost with love and humility. We believe in helping students open their minds to this new skill by being open and honest about the days we were students, and how LBLA changed our own lives.

Our students can take this knowledge, let it shift their confidence, and go home to change everything about the way they live their lives. They can double their income with the skills they’ve learned and work half the hours. It may sound too good to be true but it isn’t; and every single trainer we’ve hired is living proof.

Our trainings become more than just a place to learn about lashes. We hope with every fiber of our being that we create a safe place for our students to grow, to talk about past pains and to look forward to a different kind of future for them and their families. We’ve seen this growth happen all over the world.

We offer ongoing support by following our students Instagram pages. This accomplishes two things 1) that we can watch their work improve & 2) that they can keep in touch with us about whatever struggles or victories they’re experiencing.

Do you want to become a LashboxLA trained lash artist?

Our training courses are held in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire (unless otherwise stated) at:

The Lash & Beauty Lounge 

12 Union Street



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Any questions? Please contact me, Carlene on 07557788676

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