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May 19, 2021 3 min read


Practice makes progress and perfect practice makes perfect. I know, I know… we’ve heard it all before but it’s true. If you happen to click on this blog, you may or may not be looking for a faster way to get better at lashing. I’m here to tell you that the one and only way to get better at anything is to fully commit to practicing consistently and diligently. Sorry, there are no short cuts here!

Although others may grasp onto a technique quicker than others, that does not define who you are as a person/artist. By mastering the basics, you are setting strong building blocks to a whole new competence. Take your time and have grace. If you are unsure on how to properly practice a new skill such as learning a lash fanning technique, check out my blog where I go in-depth about the Pyramid Method!

“How long should I practice for?”Until you don’t fear doing it.

High school was such a fun time in my life but I never took academics seriously solely because dance was life and I was unsure of my career path. I thought going to community college would give me more time to make a decision so I didn’t push myself to try in high school. (*rookie mistake). As the years went on in college, the classes were becoming tougher and I was getting even more discouraged. See, I didn’t develop a proper studying method back in high school and the beginning of college. I never thought I was incompetent, I just didn’t allow myself to fully try and give it my all. It was tough, but I never gave up. I knew what I signed up for but I also knew I wanted stand proud with my fellow female STEM leaders . As I was obtaining my chemistry degree, there was no such thing as rest. I noticed the majority of my class instantly grasped the information, but unfortunately, I was not one of them. I had to double and even triple the amount of work to engrave the information, and even that wasn’t enough. My peers were supportive but it was always assumed that everything came easy to me. What they didn’t know were the countless hours I spent studying and practicing all day and all night, and the frustration and tears that came along with it. I’ll always be grateful for the lows that I experienced because it truly made me more experienced and stronger than ever. You have nothing to prove! Practice for YOU, not for others.

When I learned volume lashing for the first time, I wanted to nail down the technique more than anything and with that, I did whatever it took. Again, I felt the same thing I felt in college. Lashing is hard and one wrong micro-movement or the wrong environment would ruin my application! Implementing the Pyramid Method has helped me so much in instilling the micro-movements and I know it will work for you too. When I was first learning the technique, I challenged myself to practice until I was better than I was the day before. Great things take time! The technology behind this industry continues to advance day by day and with that, I encourage you to keep an open mind to learning new things because there is always something on the rise! Can you believe the lash industry is just getting started! How exciting is that?! Sylwia, the VP of Lashbox LA, has over 20 years of lash experience and till this day, she is constantly practicing, taking classes, and stays hungry to learn new things about the art of lashing and to me, that is truly inspiring!

We tell our students that it will take about 100 hours to get comfortable with the signature Flower Bouquet technique. If you think about it, that can be done in a month but it doesn’t just stop there! Practice until you can create fans on autopilot and then do it some more. Lashing is a skill that needs to be practiced consistently, even if you are a Master Artist. Get to know your tweezers, your glue, your lash products, your theory. Take a credible class if you’re unsure and stay eager to learn more! It’s okay to feel uncomfortable. Making mistakes forces us to explore creative alternatives; however, mistakes are not failures. You are smart and you are worthy. You matter and no one can take that away from you! Go at your own pace, understand that your journey is unique and special in its own way, and your hard work will pay off. I believe in you!

Stay humble, have patience and grace, and keep going. You got this babe.