Mega Volume Training with Tres in London May 14th 2022


The Lashbox LA Mega Volume program has taken the industry by storm, revolutionizing the way we see, do, and think about Mega Volume lashes by using the famous Flower Bouquet Technique.  As the creators of this technique and masters of all things Mega Volume, our LBLA master trainers have developed a truly unique method of teaching - breaking down the art of mega volume lashing to a scientific level for faster results and application times.  We provide you with the ideal tools, mindset, and resources to continue to perfect your new skill set and thrive long after the training is over.  Get ready to create lash density without damage, let go of extreme perfectionism, and learn from those most experienced and passionate about their craft.  Welcome to the world of Mega Volume - may your lashes, and hearts, always be full.




Class Program:


ONE day full of learning, theory, Q & A, hands on, personalized technique and menu coaching, Instagram and marketing advice, support from other lash artists & So much more.  Included in the day is: 




    • Basics and Advanced concepts of Mega Volume Lashing, including:

    • Natural Lash Safety

    • Volume Weight Calculation

    • Proper Eye Preparation for Application

    • Mega Volume Lash Wrap

    • Anatomy of a Perfect Fan

    • The Flower Bouquet Technique

    • Working with Mega 0.03mm and Feather 0.02mm lashes 

    • Perfect Bonding Rules

    • Adhesive Safety, Storage, and Allergies

    • Application Tips & Tricks

    • Solutions & Retention

    • Proper After Care

    • Eye Styling for Mega Volume

    • Lash Layering

    • Time Improvement for Fills & Full Sets

    • One on One Price Menu Coaching 

    • Practice on Mannequin 

    • Certification & Celebration


Included With The Class:


    • LBLA Mega Volume Manual of our theory, tips & tricks

    • Mega Volume Starter Kit (4 trays of 0.03 lashes, 2 tweezers, 1 fast bonding adhesive, Foam tape, Glue trays, Mascara wands)